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About Us

Get to know who we are and what drives us to do the work we do.

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Meet The Team

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Neha Kandalgaokar

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Neha is an Environmental Educator and Sustainability professional currently consulting with Wipro Foundation with their sustainability education program.


Vinod Sreedhar

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Vinod Sreedhar, founder of All Systems Reboot, is a social entrepreneur, systems thinker and environmental educator. He is also the founder of the award-winning social enterprise, Journeys With Meaning.

Who We Help

We consult with social enterprises, foundations, non-profits, think tanks, and individuals working to make the world socially just, environmentally sustainable, and economically equitable.

How We Do It

We help come up with strategy for impact, build capacity through powerful workshops and training programs, and design actionable campaigns and programs

What's in It for You

We bring nuanced perspectives and insights developed over our 20+ years of working on Climate Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Environmental Education, Youth Development, and Responsible Travel.

About: Services
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